Trey Songz can rest a little easier, as he apparently will not be facing felony prosecution for his alleged beating of Andrea Buera in a nightclub over NBA All-Star Weekend.

According to TMZ, the L.A. District attorney wasn't convinced about the validity of the case, leading to the felony charges being dropped against the singer.

Songz's lawyer reportedly presented several eye-witness statements that contradicted the statements given by Buera, as well as other info damaging to Buera's credibility. 

The assault was first reported back in February, with Buera giving a press conference with her side of the story in early March, where she claimed that he beat her so badly that she had to be sent to the hospital. She also confirmed that she had received a temporary restraining order against Songz. Since then, Songz was forced to turn himself in to police, and was released from jail on a $50,000 bond. In his sole statement on the situation, Songz claimed that he was "being lied on and falsely accused for someone's personal gain."

Despite gaining support from other artists such as 50 Cent, who called the accusations a "money play," Songz still has several accusations against him from multiple women. 

However, in this instance it appears he's gotten off easy. Songz still isn't off the hook yet, as his case is now being referred to the L.A. City Attorney, who can still charge him with the lesser crime of misdemeanor domestic violence. 

We'll keep you up to date with any more news about the case.