Trey Songz received some good news as it is being reported that he is officially off the hook in his domestic violence case. While many women had stepped forward to accuse Songz of abuse, TMZ has learned that Trey will not be charged. You'll recall, Andrea Buera had claimed that Trey assaulted her at a party, leaving her in bad condition with a concussion. Buera also alleges that the attack was so severe, it caused her to vomit. The woman said that the assault took place after the singer was upset that she was speaking to another man at a Los Angeles party.

Today, the city of Los Angeles rejected the case, citing that there was an insufficient amount of evidence. Last month, it was reported that Songz would not face felony charges for the domestic violence incident and it is now appearing as though the case is being thrown out entirely. Trey's lawyers were hard at work, offering alternate scenarios as to what happened at the party, leading the judge to rule in favor of Songz in this specific case.

With the singer now off the hook, we will keep you posted on what he has planned musically for the next year.