It's hard to keep up with all the drama that transpires on 50 Cent's Instagram account, but you may have noticed several posts over the past few weeks regarding the Power theme song. When the 50-produced show returned for it's sixth and final season this summer, Twitter was sent into an uproar over a vocalist-switch in the opening credits. The song's theme, "Big Rich Town", which was originally sung by Joe, now featured Trey Songz. While Trey Songz is loved by many, people can become very rigid in their TV rituals and don't want to see any curveballs six seasons deep. 

The angered masses took to Twitter, as they usually do, and expressed their dismay to hear Trey during their Power time every Sunday. Fiddy heard them loud and clear and, unfortunately, so did Trey. After teasing and taunting fans for a bit, Fiddy promised to bring back the show's initial theme. Last night, the season's third episode was ushered in by the voice of none other than the beloved Joe. Viewers tweeted their gratitude and also took another opportunity to poke fun at Trey Songz. Hopefully, they won't hurt his feelings again because he doesn't deserve it! 

Check out the Twitter reactions below.