The alleged assault that happened to Andrea Buera by Trey Songz during this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend is still a court battle that's going strong. According to The Blast, Trey is looking to shut down Andrea's attempt of sourcing his prior assaults and settlements saying she's going to use them against him in future lawsuits. 

Andrea wants to make her temporary restraining order against Trey a permanent one but it may likely not happen since no criminal charges against Trey were laid and “because they found Petitioner lacked credibility.” Andrea is still looking to dig up any information to prove that she needs a permanent restraining order even though she and Trey haven't talked for over six months. 

“It is clear that Petitioner’s true motivation is to gather information for a future lawsuit and to use that information to pressure” him into a settlement, documents read. Even though Trey did not land any criminal charges now, he believes they still can in the future and he's trying to protect himself from what she may find. 

The case is still ongoing, keep it locked for more details.