Prior to this last week, it seems as if we didn't hear much from Summer Walker. She'd been in the media regarding her relationship with London On Da Track, but the R&B singer wasn't accumulating as much attention as she had in the last several months. Then, Summer Walker burst back onto the scene with the announcement of a new album and a few sexy photos—then came the rumors that she'd had cosmetic surgery. While the public debates Summer's looks, Trey Songz chatted about wanting to sign the singer way before she gained notoriety in the music scene.

"Funny story about Summer Walker, actually a lotta people don't know. Actually, nobody knows," Trey Songz revealed. "I got this app on my phone that I store music in, unreleased music. Everything from like, people sending me songs that they would like me to listen to or like me to cut or feature on, et cetera. So, I had this song that I would listen to and I forgot who sent it to me." Trey said he occasionally listened to the track, "Girls Need Love," but he still couldn't figure out where it came from.

"I text every producer that I know personally like, 'Do you know who's singing this song? I love this girl. I wanna sign this girl,'" he continued. "And then like, two years later, after all that, Summer Walker comes out with 'Girls Need Love.'" Trey Songz added that he would even play the track for his friends who enjoyed it as well, but not knowing the singer put his plans on pause. So, R&B artists out there, you never know if Trey Songz is just bopping around for years, loving your music but not knowing who you are. Watch his clip below.