Trey Songz has long been considered one of R&B's most prolific ladies men. His songs, often categorized under the umbrella of "bedroom anthems" have helped enhance his reputation as arguably the scene's most overt Don Juan character, a man who is running though his love life like a hot knife through butter. However, he shocked the Twitterverse last night be proclaiming that he was now a taken man. Or was he?

The first tweet, sent very early this morning East Coast time, stated that he was in a relationship, but the ellipses at the end of the sentence led some social media users to believe that he was potentially joking around about it. Further to that, maybe he was just trying to stir up some buzz around his name so that his fan base was alert when he dropped a hint at some upcoming music (that was one of the theories floating around out there anyways). Mostly, there was just a lot of shock from his supporters and subsequent denial from more than a few as well. You can view a sampling of the reaction from Twitter below.

Thankfully for Trey Songz's die-hards, he was just trolling. His follow-up tweet, which wasn't sent right away after the fact, lightened the mood and certainly prevented several cases of heart palpitations from becoming too serious. Close call, but Trey is still available, if his tweets are to be believed.

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