It was ruled Tuesday that several Snapchat videos of Trey Songz will be available for use in the police assault court case against him, as per Fox 2 Detroit.

Trey Songz has been accused of assaulting a Detroit police officer during a December 2016 concert. Now, Wayne County Circuit Judge Lawrence Talon has ruled that certian Snapchat videos of Songz saying "F*** the police" can be used against him in court. Allegedly, Trey Songz was told he had to end the concert in question at a designated time or the venue would cut his microphone, to which the R&B star said he would "go crazy" if that took place. When an officer went to arrest him afterwards, Songz supposedly hit the officer after refusing to leave the stage.

Prosecutors argued that, "given the fact that the defendant is highly unsatisfied with police as shown from these videos ahead of time, saying all these vulgar comments about police, it is relevant to show that the defendant intended to do the crime that he is charged with." 

Trey Songz' trial date has been set for September 12th.