Did Trey Songz have a whole child without telling anybody? Or is this just one of his friends' children? Fans are wondering aloud about just what is going on after Trigga Trey decided to post a photo of his hand holding a baby's foot. The picture is in black-and-white and features only a blue heart emoji as the caption so Trey isn't really interested in helping us out. However, his supporters have been rushing to the comments section to try and figure out what this all means.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

The most popular theory is that this is a throwback to his nephew's birth while others are claiming that they're actually the mother of Trey's baby. With so much foolishness happening in the comments, it's hard to actually come up with a decent theory but it's likely that Trey is just looking back at his early days of being an uncle. Or maybe he's a new father? Will we ever know?

Trey Songz was recently involved in a weird, flirty exchange with Megan Thee Stallion but nothing actually came of it. He was notably involved in a relationship with Lori Harvey before they split up. If this is his way of announcing he's a new father, who do you think is the mother?