Elon Musk is changing the world one step at a time. The brilliant entrepreneur successfully launched a satellite into space on Sunday night (October 7). Much like the last time Musk launched a SpaceX shuttle, residents of California were caught off guard by the spaceship. According to BBCthe ship launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, on the coast northwest of Los Angeles. The ship carried a satellite into space, before returning as a reusable booster. Musk invented the reusable booster for his SpaceX program, which is more cost efficient than the fall away boosters that have been used for decades. 

Trey Songz was enjoying his weekend when he caught the eerie sight, and captured it on his phone. "Bro, what the fuck is this?," he asked his off-screen crew. Two ladies question what it could be in the background while the lights from the ship cast a haunting light into the spiraling clouds. Their amazement is palpable. Trey wasn't the only person to jump on social media and post the launch. Twitter and Instagram Stories lit up the West Coast for hours on Sunday night.