According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a robbery and attack took place shortly after a man played scraps with Trey Songz at Caesar's Palace. The singer is in town to perform with 2 Chainz on May 26, and also take in a considerable amount of of adult activities. The extenuating circumstances are believed to be a case of rich folk attracting the wrong type of attention.

According to court documents, the man who played scraps with Trey Songz left the table momentarily only to find his phone missing upon his return. This led the man to dial his own number in the hopes it was snatched up by accident. The female voice that answered instructed him to present himself to one of the hotel rooms Trey Songz had booked for the occasion. 

When the man arrived looking for his phone, Timothy “T-Dot” Hudson and two others were waiting for him. Hudson then tried emasculating the man who'd lost his phone by insisting "he had to leave the room as no males were allowed." It's at this point their argumentation turned physical and the alleged attackers pushed the victim into an elevator and threatened to slit his throat. They also demanded his watch and chain before "splitting his jaw" and leaving him face down on the ground. Security cameras were able to track Hudson's movement, and spotted the victim's Rolex on the wrist of an assailant. Trey Songz has not been accused of any wrong-doing by the victim or law enforcement tasked with the case.