Trey Songz recently shared an adorable screenshot which captured a father and son moment. The singer can be seen in the photo cheesing hard at the newborn and clearly enjoying their time on FaceTime. The 34-year-old announced the arrival of his son, Noah, in a very Beyonce-surprise album way. And to add to the mystery, we still have no idea who the child's mother is. The latter has resulted in an unofficial investigation launched by Trey Songz fans, though the mystery remains. Despite this, it is good to see Trey spending quality time with his child.

Aside from his recent surprising entry into fatherhood, the last we have heard of Trey included his attempt to holla at Houston hottie Megan Thee Stallion. Following a flirtatious exchange, however, The Stallion ensured to let Trey know he couldn't handle her. Moreover, it was also announced that Trey Songzwould be performing at the Atlanta Tycoon Musical Festival along with Chris Brown, T.I. and Kendrick Lamar. The artist was also in hot water a few months ago after he reportedly arrived two hours late to a club gig where he was set to perform for $10K.