There is a fake campaign being advertised across social media that Pornhub is standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by limiting their categories to solely the "ebony" videos for a week. The adult entertainment company has not made such a statement, however. In fact, the photo being shared has clearly been doctored and no such initiative actually exists. 

People are still pretty ecstatic about the prospect of this actually happening though.

Taking to Instagram, both Trey Songz and Royce Da 5'9" commented on the fake campaign that Pornhub would only be showing "ebony" porn this week.

Trigga Trey raised a fist emoji while Nickel wrote: "Just-US."

Of course, people in the comments are falling for this, heading to check for themselves and landing directly into the trap. There are a number of folks telling Royce and Trey that this initiative isn't actually a real thing though.

One of the dead giveaways that this is not true is the fact that the "Hook Up" section is listed twice atop the supposed advertisement. 

Pornhub has not issued a statement on the claims that they are linking up with Black Lives Matter on this campaign. However, they did speak out and encourage fans to donate to the NAACP and bail-out funds across the country.