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About Trevor The Trashman

Trevor The Trashman is an emerging emcee, producer and trap DJ from Chicago, Illinois with a sincere if not slightly absurdist approach to the rap and trap games, respectively. In his own words, his style ranges from "the obscene and weird" to "sweet and smooth love ballads", and "frequently borders the line between appropriate and inappropriate, without apology".

Trashman dabbles in what he describes as "Willy Wonka Rap", music intended to make listeners "go dumb and get wonky eyed", and often pays homage to the golden era of hip-hop, the grittiness and rawness of which he loves.

To date, Trevor's collaborated with the likes of Mohdal Soul, ARiNN ALDO, Vic Mensa, Nacho Picasso, Saba, Green Sllime, Nate Fox, Trampy, A$AP P, #ProducedByTheVamp, Roca Beats and more, not to mention frequent collaborators from the Wiggidies Crew such as Pimp Jong ILL. 

The last we heard of him was a 15-track digital album titled Hell Yeah | I Want It All, which dropped in late March 2014 and featured contributions from most of those mentioned above. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Trashman Trev, and hit up trashmanmusic.com for more information.

Facts Only

  • Trevor The Trashman started making music at the age of twelve.
  • He performed with the eight-member Wiggidies Crew from 2004-2008.
  • Trashman first started recording in high school classmate Benny Nice's "funky" basement.
  • Trevor birthed the "Willy Wonka Rap" sub-genre, intended to make listeners go dumb and get "wonky eyed".
  • He has a penchant for reality-infused stories, anthem-worthy songs, off-color humor and witty wordplay.
  • Trashman aspires to own a submarine one day.


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