The political arena is heating up as everyone and their mom is announcing their intention to run for president of the United States in 2020, but Texas hopeful Beto O'Rourke is one that has been on the Democratic's radar for a year or two. He may have lost the Senate race to Ted Cruz, but that doesn't mean he isn't gunnning for the White House. However, we all know that the media will drag every skeleton out of a presidential hopeful's closet, and O'Rourke has been dealing with how to handle the new criticism.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has been keeping a close watch on the candidates, and one thing he can't stand is how O'Rourke has been apologizing for every part of his past. He also is fed up with the new level of "woke" folks who take to social media to demand apologies for things that aren't that serious.

"That's right! Beto O'Rourke used to be a hacker, which I think would only help him because it's a great way to show you're from a more modern generation. Most of the other candidates could never have been hackers even if they wanted to. What was Bernie gonna hack, a telegram?," Noah joked. He then goes on to say that he doesn't understand how O'Rourke is being criticized for fictional stories he wrote as a kid. 

Due to the news of his past hitting the airwaves, O'Rourke has apologized for his fictional writings, for once being a hacker, for joking that his wife was raising their children with his help "sometimes," for saying he was "born to run" for president, and, if he keeps it up, for breathing. Noah didn't think that the O'Rourke's Apology Tour was necessary.

"I'm sorry people, but this is out of control. People actually wanted Beto O'Rouke to apologize, because he said about the presidential race, 'I was born for this.' And they were like, 'That's white privilege. Are you saying the presidency is your birthright?' No. 'Born for this' is a figure of speech we all use to indicate we're ready for something. I wasn't actually born for the all you can eat buffet, it's just something I say. This s**t is getting ridiculous."

"This is not 'wokeness,' this is insanity," Noah continued. "Can you imagine if Beto took this attitude into the White House? North Korea would launch missiles and his aid would be like, 'Mr. President, what do you want to do?' and he'd be like, 'Uh, as a white man, maybe it's my time to listen to what these missiles have to say.'"