Trevor Noah was a guest on Wednesday night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he detailed his clandestine cameo in this year's blockbuster hit Black Panther.

Noah jokes how director Ryan Coogler initially asked him to be featured as the main protagonist, but ultimately had to settle with Chadwick Boseman. Noah then admits that he also turned down the role of Killmonger, because it required "too many six packs." Instead, he settled for a less visible role as "the voice of the computer in the background. I'll be the computer that runs every—every spaceship you see is me. People don't notice."

The Daily Show host notes how "a lot of people think that I just did the lines there, but I'm everything," jokingly admitting how the film crew brought him in to do motion-capture in order to play a ship. 

Noah's cameo takes place in the film's third act, as Martin Freeman's character uses his aviation aptitude to shoot down one of Killmonger's planes carrying vibranium weaponry. 

However, Noah's Black Panther associations continue beyond his brief voiceover roll, as he has tapped Lupita Nyong'o to play his mother in an adaptation of his memoir Born a Crime