Trevor Noah and Netflix must have a pretty good relationship considering the comedian has announced another stand-up comedy special following up on last year’s Afraid Of The Dark. The news comes from Trevor's Twitter where he calls on a baby in a chicken costume to help share the announcement to his 9.35 million followers. 

As the tiled suspects, Patricia is the name of Trevor's mother and his past memoirs have detailed much of his growing up as he was raised by his mother and grandmother. 

“She taught me by example how to navigate the violent racial landscape of South Africa,” Trevor previously stated of his mom. “She taught me responsibility, how to be a man. I get my sense of humor from her, too. My mom was the first true comedian I ever saw. She’s like a clown when you talk to her. She’s very animated. She pulls faces. She changes her voice. . . . She thinks like a standup without realizing it."

The show hits Netflix November 20th.