A few weeks back, Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence was caught on camera shoving a fellow classmate during a game of basketball in the Clemson gym. The player had set a pick on Lawrence and he shoved the guy. While the clip itself is pretty entertaining, it's clear that the defending national champions don't want their prized quarterback getting into physical altercations. During a media scrum recently, Lawrence addressed the situation and what he thinks he can do better.

"I think everything is just a learning experience," Lawrence explained to the media. "You could say you wished you handled something differently, and I do, but ... everyone's watching, and I should be smarter than that."

Lawrence added that he and the other party are on good terms now and that he just wants to move past it.

"At the end of the day, we're playing a game, and it gets competitive. Me and him shook hands at the end of the game," Lawrence said. "It gets blown out of proportion, but I gotta know, just because it's me, it's going to get put out everywhere and made a big deal of. I just need to be smarter than that."

This fall, Lawrence and the Tigers will look to repeat as NCAA football National Champions.