Chris Brown's life has been drama free for a minute, as he's focused on his daughter and the album he named after her, Royalty. Nothing lasts forever though, and an unwanted guest found her way to Breezy's Woodland Hills mansion the other night, creating some brief but unnecessary drama for Brown. 

Reports say that around 5 PM on Tuesday a 27-year old woman was waiting outside Brown's electric gate. Once someone exited the home, she made her move and drove up to the property. This is the same home where burglars held Brown's aunt at gunpoint and stole $50,000. However things didn't get quite as extreme this time, as security demanded the woman leave once she made her way up to the mansion. She refused, and thus police were called to the scene, and arrested the unidentified woman for trespassing. Security had apparently seen this woman around in the past, although she was never so bold as to intrude.

Apparently Brown was home the entire time, although he never left the house.