After getting into it on Instagram earlier this week, things are cooling down between Naught By Nature's Treach and The Game's manager Wack 100 -- well, at least on Treach's side. The two butted heads after they fell on opposing sides of a debate brought on by comments Funkmaster Flex made about the late Tupac Shakur, who Treach knew as a good friend. The two went on to exchange threats on Instagram.

Late Saturday night, Treach had a change of heart and decided a peace offering to Wack 100. "Meeting with Original Generals to get a truce on this Wack 100 dispute," he wrote, revealing he was in L.A. "So all my warriors and wolves fall back we here for a peaceful resolution not wrecklessness."

However, Wack does not seem interested in a truce, as he made very clear in a furious video response. "Call your wolves, call whoever you got with you. Don't tell 'em to stand down. Ain't no truce," he said. "Bring your bitch-ass out... ain't no squashin' it."

Treach has not posted since his offer to squash the beef. Here's hoping that this get resolved soon.