After some serious fightin' words were thrown around, it appears Treach and Wack 100 have finally buried the hatchet. It all started over Funk Flex throwing some disrespect on 2Pac's name, and eventually escalated once Treach began riding for his fallen homie's honor. For a while, it was looking like something was about to go down, especially considering Wack was taking shots at Treach's mother, and Treach was posting up with Boo Yaa Tribe, who have a reputation as one of the hardest crews in the game. 

Treach extended the olive branch, and while Wack seemed initially reluctant to call a truce, a violent conclusion was ultimately avoided. It would appear that the two men were able to hash out their differences over a meeting, and even develop a level of mutual respect. Treach took to Instagram to acknowledge the truce and apologize for his side in the confrontation.