Kay Gee and Treach of Naughty By Nature recently stopped by Power 105's Breakfast Club to discuss their differences with third member Vin Rock.        

According to Treach, Vin sucker-punched him during a recent business meeting, which brought previous tensions to a boiling point, although he didn't retaliate. 

“Its business. Grown man business. We on some different stuff now. Now, once you decide you want to get physical, now I’m going to show you my power on a different level... and still keep the goons off you,” Treach said during the interview.

Early last week, Treach took to Twitter to "fire" his fellow group member. Vinnie responded by saying "you can't fire the owner," which led Treach to take it a step further and drop a diss track towards him called "Tall Midget." Kay Gee disagreed with the move, and seems to be acting as a mediator in the situation.

“I don’t agree with it. I think its cool to clear the air, get it over with and just stop it,” he said. “The shows that we have booked on the calendar will happen.”

That's all for now. Listen to "Tall Midget" and peep both parts of the extensive interview below: