Fame and success don't mean your parents stop teaching you how to behave in society. When Travis Scott tweeted that he had found "happyness" in Portland, his mother sent him a text to correct his vocabulary.

A couple of days ago, the Houston emcee made several tweets about "happyness." The artist toured mush of America and had tis to day about his favorite place to be.


Cactus Jack's mom must follow his every move on social media because it didn't take long for her to admonish his typo through a text message. Trav even posted her text on Twitter.


“Baby jack it’s spelt [sic] happiness u [sic] know we raised you better than that!!” her text read. The "biebz in the trap" rapper then explained to his mom -- and to the rest of Twitter -- what he meant by "happynes(s)."


The Pursuit of Happyness is a feelgood Will Smith-vehicle that has stolen the hearts of millions of moviegoers since its release in 2006. It tells the story of a man down and out who strives to provide for his young son -- played by none other than Jalen Smith.