Travis Scott's roll out for Astroworld was unique in its own way. While fans eagerly awaited for the project to drop, massive golden Travis Scott heads were spotted in Houston, New York City and L.A. popped up which prompted many people to assume his project was coming soon. After confirming the August 3rd release date, the rapper flexed a custom Astroworld private jet on social media. Now, renting a private jet is already pretty expensive but then you're adding the costs of having a custom wrap but clearly, it was worth it for Scott.

According to TMZ, the custom Astroworld wrap on Travis Scott's private jet ran him roughly $30K. The private jet itself was rented in order to fly Scott and his crew out to the Astroworld release party in Chicago. Travis Scott and his team reached out to Van Nuys, a private jet company, for the rental. They hooked LaFlame up with a Challenger jet for him which had room for Scott as well as eight other people.

Van Nuys also handled the Astroworld custom wrap job. The wrap costs around $30K. The reason why it's so expensive is because it was made out from special material which required the approval of the FAA. 

Clearly, Travis went all out for the release of his new album, as he should. He announced the project nearly two years a go and for the amount of time that fans were anticipating it, it was well worth the wait.