Despite finding himself thrust into the middle of a hostile discourse with fellow August 10th album alumni Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott has been content to let the good vibes roll. After landing the number one album and basking in the spoils of his Astroworld merchandise run, Scott continues to build his win column. Chart Data has indicated that Scott's album is indeed eligible for platinum certification. It's not Scott's first plaque, but considering his hard-fought battle with the rival he never asked for, perhaps it may be his most cherished.

While the nature of both Astroworld and Queen's rollout led to both parties pulling out all the stops, subsequently raising questions over ethical album sale practices, it feels like all is fair in love and war. Suffice it to say, Travis' merchandise tie-in packages paid dividends; it stands to reason that the breakout popularity of "Sicko Mode" also played a pivotal role. Congrats to Travis Scott for this one. Are ya'll still bumping Astroworld?