If you like to support your favorite artists by purchasing their merchandise, you've been a happy Travis Scott fan for the last few days. With Astroworld now officially upon us (!!!) the Houston artist has also unveiled the third drop from his album-inspired clothing capsule. The first two days saw t-shirts and hoodies being offered alongside a skateboard deck, vinyl copies of the album and a physical CD. Travis has been one of the artists to actually come out with some creative merchandising ideas and whether it's the team he keeps around him or his own originality, he's done an amazing job at making that into a different financial avenue for him. 

The third day of Travis' Astroworld take-over sees the artist getting the most creative out of the triplet of days with colorful offerings and a scribbled-over denim jacket. Offering an Astroworld staff t-shirt and matching hoodie, the stand-out pieces from today are the "Smiley" tie-dye tee, an homage piece to DJ Screw, and a Levi's denim jacket that has been written all over, similar to the graffiti sweatshirt from Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 collection.

With the project now officially available, you have the chance to cop some more limited-edition clothing from the artist. Which is your favorite piece from today? Check them out here.