Smokepurpp is one of the young guns in hip-hop who has been steadily putting out some really solid material over the last little while. His most recent music video, for his track "To The Moon," was a trippy experience dripped with space imagery and strip club living. His flow has started to come into its own, which is evidenced in the hype that surrounds his soon-to-be-released project, Deadstar. In fact, fans should be getting excited about more than just his rhymes on the album - they should be prepared for some all-star caliber features as well.

Chatting with DJ Whoo Kid on his radio show The Whoolywood Shuffle, Smokepurpp dropped some knowledge on the listeners and revealed some of the names he has lined up as featured artists on Deadstar. The young emcee says to look out for a track called "I Don't Know You," which will boast the added talents of Yo Gotti and Chief Keef. Additionally, he mentions a song where he teams up with a surprise guest, which he doesn't say out loud, but he clearly mimes the word "Travis," confirming previous speculation that Cactus Jack will indeed be linking up with Smokepurpp on a song. For an indication on what it could sound like, check out our previous investigation into the matter here.

Where Deadstar is concerned, a delay in the process pushed the album release back to tomorrow (September 29th) when it was originally supposed to debut at least a week earlier. When explaining what the significance of the title is, Smokepurpp said that "a DEADSTAR is a black hole, and it was kinda how I was feeling at the moment...I made it over a few months, and I finished it a little awhile ago, and I've just been adding and switching songs and stuff." He has also revealed who else has been putting in some time behind the board when it comes to making the album sound its very best. "It's not all me, I got other producers on there, I got Harry Fraud on there, I got TM88. I got fire producers, I was in the studio with them."

Check out our exclusive interview with the rapper below.