Travis Scott's next foray into sneakers will be his highly anticipated olive-colored Air Jordan 6 "Cactus Jack" which has seen plenty of interesting teaser images so far. The shoe has yet to be officially unveiled by Jordan Brand although we've pretty well seen every feature so far. Fans are excited to know when the release date is going to be and according to @soleheatonfeet, it's actually going to be quite soon. The Twitter account stated the shoe would be dropping on Saturday, September 14th for $250 USD.

Two days ago, we talked about a report saying the shoe would be coming in the late Summer, so this release date certainly lines up with that timeline. According to Sole Collector, sources are disputing the accuracy of @soleheatonfeet's claim, which means the shoes might not be dropping on that day after all.

Over the next month or so, there will most likely be a few updates regarding this shoe and the methods of release it will undergo. Knowing Scott, the kicks will probably appear on his website first and then be dropped as a surprise on the SNKRS App. Either way, it is probably best to not get your hopes up when it comes to these.