Travis Scott may be the 2018 MVP. Not only is his Astroworld album currently enjoying a successful commercial run atop the charts, but he's also a recent father, forever entrenching his name in the bark of a world-famous family tree. Now, with merchandise flying off the shelves and bags steady flowing, Travis has added yet another money move to his repertoire. The rapper took to Instagram to announce a new partnership with NBA 2K19, sharing an impressive sit down with none other than LeBron James.

"What does it mean for you to be the executive producer of the greatest basketball game in the world," asks LeBron. "It's an honor," replies Travis. "It's dope. I always like a chance to be able to like, curate music. 2K is a game that people live their lifestyle to." It seems as if Scott is taking the position seriously, explaining the importance of the game's universal reach. 

James closes out the video by endorsing Astroworld, imploring all listeners to check out the album. The clip ends with a sneak peek at Scott's potential selections, which include "Dark Knight Dummo," "Antidote," "Mirage," and more. Congrats to Travis for this one!