Travis Scott fans have proven to want new music in a prompt manner and if they don't get their wishes, they will riot online. I've been there as I've personally been waiting on Astroworld to drop since September 3, 2016, the date after Birds released. With Mike Dean and Travis each posting hints that the album could finally be finished, fans are now waiting for a release date, tracklist, artwork or anything to prove the wait is almost over. As the artist looks to have completed the project during a Hawaiian excursion with his super team, the inclusion of "world" emojis in his latest post has some of his supporters believing the album could drop sooner than we expect.

We wouldn't be surprised to see La Flame choose the fall for his next album drop considering he has a history of releasing full-lengths in September. However, people seem to believe we'll be blessed before the end of the summer. The star posted a photo of himself wading in the pool and the caption was pretty telling. "Worry not," wrote Cactus Jack alongside three different "world" emojis. At this point, Trav could simply be trolling with his use of the emoji but it's very possible that the recording artist is subliminally referring to his next album here. We could also be reaching. That possibility is in play here, as well.

With Mike Dean seemingly showing off the external hard drive that is home to the Astroworld mixes, all Travis Scott fans can do now is hope that the project drops in the next few weeks.