Travis Scott must have his hands full lately, juggling the life of a famous rapper and being a good father to his nine week old daughter, Stormi. However, the "Butterfly Effect" rapper managed to make some family time over the weekend, taking Stormi to Texas in order to finally meet his side of the family.

According to People, Travis, Kylie, and Stormi hopped on a private jet from L.A. on Friday in order to make their way down to the Webster family reunion. 

This wasn't just any special family reunion either, as Travis wanted to make it a very special occasion for his family, and for Stormi. He reportedly spent nearly $8,000 on decorative flower sculptures for the party, including sculptures of massive pink bunny rabbits and lightning storm clouds, complete with Swarovski crystal raindrops. No doubt that this was a moment to remember for the Webster family. 

Travis' family was very excited to finally meet Stormi for the first time. Travis' brother, Joshua, posted a picture of himself holding baby Stormi on his Snapchat. The pic was captioned with, "So happy to finally hold my beautiful stormi 🌩️💜." Stormi is dressed in cherry-print onesie and staring straight into the camera. Nine weeks old and she's already photogenic. 

Travis seems to be taking to this new fatherhood life very well. Over Easter weekend, Travis, Kylie, and Stormi were all seen together celebrating the holiday. Hopefully Travis manages to continue to keep his focus on his daughter while still working on his upcoming album, Astroworld