It looks like Travis Scott is taking some legal action after he got swindled out of $70,000 dollars for a Lamborghini that he thinks never existed. The father to Kylie Jenner’s daughter is suing Richard Martinez, VIP Services, and Jorge Maldonado claiming they were all in cahoots to take Travis’ money.

In documents which TMZ obtained, Travis says he wanted to buy a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan from Maldonado, who then hired Martinez and his VIP Services to broker a deal. Travis said he trusted Martinez because he claimed to have brokered numerous deals for high profile clients, including the Kardashian. But to close the deal, Travis says Martinez told him he needed to wire a $70k deposit in order to secure the Lambo. Travis did as asked, but of course the Lambo never came.

The rapper believes Maldonado was paid to bring him to Martinez so he could pull off the scam. So as a result, the Houston rapper is suing them to get his money back. It’s unclear how much he’s suing for, probably just to recoup his $70K, but we’ll let you know if otherwise.

This story surfaces just days after the tables had turned and Travis was on the receiving end of a lawsuit this week. Travis is being sued by a promoter for cancelling his show in Minnesota the night his baby was born.