UPDATE: Ed McPherson, attorney for Travis Scott, issued a statement in response to Mehala's lawsuit. "This is clearly a frivolous and baseless filing. Anyone with access to the internet can tell you that Travis never released an album named 'La Flame.' The illustration in question was fan-made, and was uploaded to streaming services by those fans, something that any user has the option of doing. Streaming services quickly removed it after they realized that certain people were trying to pass this off as a legitimate album cover. We look forward to responding to this case and obtaining a quick dismissal," said McPherson.

Original Story: Travis Scott is facing a brand new lawsuit but this time, it has nothing to do with the tragedy that occurred at Astroworld Festival in November. According to TMZ, a lawsuit was filed against Travis Scott by a French artist accusing the rapper of stealing his artwork without permission. 

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Mickaël Mehala, an artist in France who uses the moniker Black Childish, claims that his artwork of a centaur was stolen by Travis Scott for the compilation project, Travi$ La Flame which landed on DSPs as a compilation project comprised largely of records off of Days Before Rodeo.

The artwork pops up on streaming services, including TIDAL and YouTube, which is where Mehala takes issue. He claims that the artwork was created in 2015 and DM'd to Travis Scott in 2016, the year Travi$ La Flame emerged onto streaming services. Mehala claims that Travis Scott never returned any messages and stumbled upon the artwork when he saw the project on DSPs.

Mehala filed the lawsuit in France where he stated he filed documents to register copyright for the artwork in his name in 2019. Since then, he claims that he's made several attempts to get in contact with the rapper and his legal team. Mehala said that he finally heard back from one of Scott's attorneys who claimed that Travis did not believe the artwork belonged to a specific person.

Mehala is suing Scott for hundreds of thousands of dollars and wants full ownership of the artwork.