Travi$ Scott is currently winding down his "Rodeo Tour" alongside Young Thug. The inspiration for the tour comes from actual Texas rodeos--soundtracked by two of the wildest rappers in the game. And Travi$ expects the crowd to be all the way turnt up. During a recent stop in Chicago, Travi$ addressed a particularly lethargic crowd, saying he felt like he was "at a motherfuckin' J. Cole concert or a Chance the Rapper type of concert." Needless to say, both Cole and Chance fans took offense to the comments.

During an interview with MTV, Travi$ cleared things up, saying he meant no disrespect to either rapper. A Travi$ Scott show, he says, should "turn them fuckers [the fans] into animals and create a real live circus with the kids like a playground." Travi$ considers a J. Cole type of show, on the other hand, more of a stationary listening experience. Nothing against that, but: "We don’t preach to our kids. It’s all about the raging and the vibe and expression."

At a young age, Travi$ already is affiliated with some of the industry's biggest players. He spoke on his experiences with seasoned stars such as Kid Cudi, Diddy, Kanye West, and Drake. He calls Kanye "one of the best leaders of our generation," and says "All Day" is "nowhere near the hardest joint" on his upcoming album So Help Me God. Trav also confirms that 'Ye will be on his own upcoming LP Rodeo.

Travi$ and Thugga have brought the "Rodeo Tour" to SXSW this week, and if you live on the West Coast, be sure to look out for the remaining few dates. 

Watch the full interview below.