Travi$ Scott's free album Days Before Rodeo took us by surprise but quickly became a fan-favorite. The banger-packed project solidified Travi$ Scott's position within the rap game, if it even needed solidifying in the first place. The Kanye West-mentored MC recently spoke with GQ magazine about Days Before Rodeo, the debut album to follow it, Kanye West's upcoming album and more. Check out excerpts from the interview below.

On the reaction to "Days Before Rodeo":

"I'm kind of surprised. I thought it was gonna take a little minute for people to probably fuck with it. But I always thought the album was ill—the idea of what I wanted to do was ill as fuck. I just didn't know if people were going to understand the way I put it across. So I'm glad."

On the features:

"The album was made from a Southern hospitality place. I was only trying to fuck with people that kind of grew from the roots that I came from. We all kind of all speak the same story. But I'm also from a different world as, like, the rest of those guys. They're from that world and I visit that world, cause that's like my origins and shit. But it's not a place where I dwell. I'm more, like, somewhere in a treehouse. You know what I'm saying?"

On his debut album:

"I felt like this is shit that wouldn't make... I don't want to say it wouldn't make my album, but, like, the way I pictured my studio album that's in stores will be a different genre of music. You know? But at the same time, Days Before Rodeo is an album."

On if Kanye's reaction to "Days Before Rodeo" was good:

"Hell yeah. Man, like, it fucked me up. Like, the day I dropped it and he tweeted it. I was like, "Oh shit!" And he ain't even, like, text me or nothing. And then I went to go meet up with him later, and he's like, "Oh man, this is ill as fuck. One of the illest albums."

On Kanye West's album:

"But I'm working on other people's albums right now. Like, some ill albums that's coming out the end of this year. I don't want to really spoil it, cause you know how it is with them. But just know, man. Just know Ye is coming to kick some ass. Straight up. I'm so excited for his new shit, man."

Read the full interview with GQ here.