Over the weekend, some rather strange news began making the rounds. A twitter rant from a supposed Rihanna songwriter, Glass John, went viral after John accused Travis Scott for the delay of Rihanna's highly anticipated album, and, in an even more bizarre turn of events, claimed RiRi was his "wife."

During the rant, Glass John threatened to beat up Travis Scott, and called him out for taking RiRi to "ghetto unsafe clubs,"referring to an earlier night that week when Travis and Rihanna were partying at a club when gunshots forced the two to leave. Much of the rant was dedicated to bringing down Travis, and John even claimed that he'd spoken to Rihanna before going on his tirade.

Of course, Rihanna hasn't spoken up about any of this. Travis has decided to respond on Snapchat, though, and someone managed to screenshot it. Travis shuts this dude down with one statement, overlaid on top of an image of our original story on the matter. "Don't believe this shit," Travis warns. 

See the screenshot above. We'll keep you posted of any new developments in this story.