Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been quite public with their displays of affection, some of which were interpreted as confirmation of their being engaged. Extravagant gifts and a ring on Jenner's finger had fans thinking the couple was headed down the aisle. Although it was reported that the lovers are not engaged, it seems like they might actually be further down this path. 

During a show last night, Travis Scott gave a special shout out to his baby mama in front of the Houston crowd. He acknowledged her presence at this Astroworld Festival concert stop with a particular designation:" My beautiful wife, she came out." He also mentions their "beautiful daughter" saying, "I love y'all so much."

This mention might not serve as a confirmation of a matrimonial commitment but the term "wife" does seem more legit than his usual term of endearment for Kylie, "wifey." The cosmetics mogul has been supporting her man throughout his tour with their baby in tow. During this run, Jenner was spotted wearing a ring on her finger that seemed to indicate an engagement. A secret wedding might not be farfetched considering the multitude of celebrity couples who have opted for this route of privacy.