Travi$ Scott, who happens to be both GOOD Music and Hustle Gang affiliated is pretty spoiled when it gets to hearing music ahead of time. He's also usually the first one to come out and tell people about it, which is what he did with the new Kanye album in an interview with MTV.

Scott's assessment of Ye's new work was similarly glowing to the small bits of information we've been given so far. "That shit is like some next-level 3000," he said, stressing that Kanye's new material will once again push music forward. "We're already in the year 3000 fucking with that shit and that's why I love hanging out with those guys over there. You get caught on to that new shit extra fast."

While Travi$ was quick to tell us how great the album is, he remained fairly tight-lipped on details, expressing what we already know about Kanye's policies on music. "You know how he feels about his shit," he said, not parting with any specifics.

If the rapper's expletive filled praise is any indicator, the album should be quite a big deal. "What I can say is, it's cool as fuck, you just learn a lot, you see a lot, you hear a lot and you just get the information super-early," he said, very grateful in being able to see legends at work at such a young age. "That's what influences me to work 13 times as hard."