If you're anything like me, you still listen to Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on a regular basis. The album was truly a masterpiece. The sonic revelations Kanye made, the advancement in his sound, the album cover(s) and everything in between combined to create a truly beautiful piece of work. Travis Scott has never been shy about his love for his mentor, taking inspiration from Kanye and working often with him. Much of his team has been built from Ye's team members. Specifically, Mike Dean works all the time with both performers. Now, it appears as though La Flame may have something in the works with the man who designed Yeezy's most iconic album cover.

Travis has been very active on Instagram today, sharing updates from his tour and posting an adorable video of his daughter raging at the show. The most recent upload shows a moment that Trav never thought would come. "Words can’t explain this day," he wrote before sharing a photo of himself and George Condo, the artist who designed Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover. You'll recall a handful of different artworks being used for the 2010 work. While this may have just been a meeting between the two for nothing work-related, it may also be a hint at what to expect in the future. Travis has hinted at his next album being Broadway-inspired. Could the cover be designed by Condo?

Only time will tell but the prospect of this happening is exciting.