It looks like Travis Scott is the latest victim in a new lawsuit. According to a new report from TMZ, Travis Scott is being sued by his former managers for millions in unpaid earnings.

LCAR Management says the Houston rapper signed a 3-year contract in October of 2014 which guarantees them 15% of everything he makes in entertainment. In documents that TMZ obtained TMZ, they say that should've earned them at least $2 million by now, but have only seen about $37,000.

LCAR claims they've made numerous attempts at getting their bread, but apparently all they got was a letter from Scott's attorneys saying their services were no longer needed. LCAR says it has a signed deal with Travis, and are suing him to get what’s legally theirs.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the story moving forward.

Update: Sources tell TMZ that Travis signed the deal thinking if he held up his end of the contract, so would Lyor Cohen's LCAR, but that wasn't the case. Travis reportedly felt like he was managing his own career as Cohen and company weren't doing anything to help him so he left for a better management company. Travis' camp find it "ridiculous" that Cohen would file such a lawsuit.