It’s safe to say 2017 has been the year of rappers showing off their creativity when it comes to iced out chains. Throughout the year, we have seen the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, and Migos all get some unique customized pieces added to their steady-growing collections, but Travis Scott may have just taken the crown.

According to TMZ, Travis just dropped around $500,000 for 9 chains in total, including a "Flame Boy" 80-carat chain for himself and 8 other Cactus Jack chains for members of his team. Cactus Jack Records is Travis’ own label, which he launched earlier this year. TMZ was informed that this splurge is to celebrate his upcoming album with Quavo from Migos, which we’ve been anticipating for months now. Who knows when that’ll be coming, but just the other day Quavo said the two had about 20 songs recorded together, so it sounds like it could be sooner than later.

Jeweler Elliot Avianne took to Instagram to reveal Scott's new chain and deliver the iced out jewelry to La Flame in LA last week. "Flame Boy Out Here Lookin Crazy @travisscott Whattup Jackk" captioned the video showing the beautifully crafted chained laced with multi-color diamonds all around the necklace and pendant.

The delivery from Elliot Avianne came just hours before news surfaced that Travis was going to be a first time father with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The couple are expecting to have a baby girl, who is due in January, right around the same time as her big sister, Kim Kardashian, is having her little girl with Kanye. And if that’s enough pregnancy news for the Kardashians for y’all, reports surfaced online Tuesday that older sister Khloe is now pregnant with her boyfriend Triston Thompson. So three Kardashian babies are on the way.

Check out Travis’ new chains (below) and look out for new music from the Houston rapper to be coming hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, revisit his latest single “Blue Pill” with Metro Boomin to hold you over.