Travis Scott's post Astroworld rollout has been particularly impressive, especially for those interested in fashion. Few have released as much exclusive merchandise as Travis Scott, who slowly rolled out a variety of Astroworld themed merchandise, including blankets, sandals, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Not only that, but Scott had the foresight to include a digital copy of the album with all purchases, which certainly bolstered the overall sales; the move caught flak from Nicki Minaj, who put him on blast for doing exactly that. Regardless of the fallout, fans have been continuously shelling out dough for the latest Scott apparel.

Now, yet another item has hit the stores. This time, it's a season pass for his ongoing tour, which comes equipped with yet another exclusive shirt. As Scott's Astroworld shows are proving to be among the year's biggest concert events, the Season Pass should prove a worthwhile addition to the cautious fan. According to his website, "SEASON PASS INCLUDES PRIORITY VENUE ENTRY + FUTURE DISCOUNTS," which should help give an ample head start to those willing to pay due dilligence.

Not mention, the season pass arrives with an exclusive t-shirt, which will no doubt have collectors salivating. Peep the look below, and cop yourself a season pass right here. Remember, it doesn't come with a ticket, so be sure to read that fine print.