After ringing in his twenty-sixth birthday with an young-at-heart celebration at Six Flags, it would appear that Travis Scott is getting back to work. Fans have long been quick to remind him of the impending Astroworld, which has been in the works for a perpetually long time. Admittedly, it does seem feel like Travis fans are in for some big developments, especially with his rumored involvement in Kanye West's upcoming endeavors.

While he has remained rather secretive about any upcoming release dates, it would appear he's finally feeling generous enough to provide his followers with some table-scraps. Of course, it wouldn't be La Flame without some slight ambiguity, though some things are never going to change. "THAT BEING SAID!!! THIS WEEK THE FANS EAT," writes Travis, via Twitter. At least we know something's en route - it's simply a matter of what. Admittedly, a surprise Astroworld drop would no doubt prove internet breaking. Perhaps he's simply referring to the recently teased Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye collaboration Yeezy teased a few days back. Perhaps we'll finally get a release date. The sky is the limit.

Either way, it seems like Travis Scott will play a pivotal role in shaping the hip-hop narrative in 2018. His album will undoubtedly have a massive impact, and should be one of the year's more compelling drops. Hopefully, whatever feast Travis is promising is at the very least Astroworld adjacent.