It feels like Astroworld may never come. We're still keeping our hopes up since in the last few weeks, all signs are pointing towards an imminent release of the album we've all been waiting for. The current rumor is that Astroworld will finally release on August 3 but with so much speculation for so many months, it feels like we should definitely wait for an official announcement before getting duped again. From the looks of it, Travis' go-to engineer is still working with him on the project as the two posted up for an Astroworld studio video on Instagram, muting the sound and therefore crushing our dreams.

The amusement park-inspired album is one of the most anticipated of this year and as we near its inevitable release with each passing day, La Flame and Mike Dean continue teasing us further. First, Trav posted the most excited message we've seen in a while before Mike showed off an external hard drive that is rumored to contain the album mixes. Now, the G.O.O.D. producer and engineer shares a video with no sound of Travis, himself and members of the team working in the stu. This waiting game is taking a toll on our sanity. Can you imagine if Astroworld isn't even good after all this waiting? We would be devastated.

Who else would pay to be a fly on the wall during that session? Who knows when the album will drop but we're keeping our eyes peeled for any potential announcements.