With backing from both Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music and T.I.'s Hustle Gang, Travi$ Scott appears to have the game figured out. The rapper-slash-producer seems to be equally talented at both endeavors, and as he curates his often hard-hitting sound, he's also been flagged as one of the more fashion-forward MCs. 

The rapper was recently tapped by Mr. Porter's The Journal for a photo shoot and interview, where he (somewhat) discussed his debut album and maintaining freshness at all times, describing himself as a late Sex Pistol, "a Sid Vicious motherfucker. The rock star of all rock stars." 

"I just hate stuff that's not fresh," Scott said. "Fresh is about maintaining an ill aesthetic at all times. Those toy carousels for kids outside the Dollar General store, being in Harlem and riding dirt bikes... That's fresh to me."

As for the album, all Travi$ would say is that it's "super-eerie" and nearing completion. 

Peep the black and white photo shoot flicks in the gallery above.