The passing of Mac Miller hit the entire music community hard, and as the days pass by, more and more of his peers are coming out to voice their support and share condolences. Born Malcolm James McCormick, Mac Miller allegedly overdosed on September 7. He was found unresponsive in his Studio City, CA home by a friend. The most recent outpouring of love for Mac came from Travis Scott during a show in Las Vegas. On Saturday, La Flame broke away from his scheduled set to lay down a freestyle for the late rapper.

"It's the superstar boy, Malcolm that's my boy/ Mac Miller I love you, always be my boy," Travis crooned in an emotional autotune laced rhythm.  "From that 412, yeah/ From that 41210 yeah/ It's that superstar boy, superstar boy/Mac Miller you the one, we love you fucking boy/That's my motherfuckin' nigga/Mac motherfuckin' Miller." The crowd roared in agreeance during the emotional segment. 

Travis Scott and Mac Miller both released their albums on August 3, with La Flame's Astroworld outselling all the competition. While Astroworld gained a majority of the public attention at first, Mac Miller's Swimming was a resounding resurgence for the Pittsburgh rapper. Mac will never be forgotten, and he will be eternally missed.