Despite being at the peak of his career, Travis Scott was hit with a few lawsuits in the past year. In 2018, the rapper was sued by a company who said that he refused to show up at a concert he was booked for during Super Bowl weekend. He's argued that the reason he didn't show up is because of factors that were out of his control but the jury still thinks he owes the promoter for their loss.

According to TMZ, a jury has awarded entertainment events company PJAM $382,932.79 in their lawsuit against the Astroworld artist. The rapper was scheduled to perform in Minnesota on the night before the Super Bowl but never ended up showing face. In fact, the concert he was booked for was one of two concerts he was scheduled to perform at that night. The rapper was set to perform in Minneapolis at 10:30 p.m. before hopping on a jet to Las Vegas for a gig at 1:30 a.m.

Scott said that he couldn't make it to the scheduled performance due to weather and logistics but the company said that he simply "refused to show up to the event." Scott was paid $150K in advance and was provided with a private jet but he ended up canceling at the last minute.

"The jury verdict of $383k is disappointing but far less than the seven-figure demands made by the promoters. We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings," Scott's lawyer said.