Travis Scott, Pharell, Maverick Carter, Seth Rogen, DeAndre Hopkins, Lonzo Ball, Don Cheadle, Jimmy Lovine, and Paul Rivera are all featured in the latest episode of LeBron James' The Shop: Uninterrupted. While each guest surely had a plethora of inspiring and interesting things to say, the latest clip sees Travis open up about the beloved streaming platform that is Soundcloud. 

After Pharrell called the new generation of artists "new gifts to the species because they grew up online," Travis echoed with same sentiments talking about an interview he conducted with Playboy.

Brian Ach/Getty Images 

"I was doing this interview, man, for Playboy, right?" Travis explained, as seen below. "And the interview guy was like, he was saying my generation was SoundCloud rappers, and I was like, 'Wait, pause.' I had to tell him, like, you got it twisted. SoundCloud was there for us because SoundCloud understood, like, we wanna drop a song right now. We're not trying to wait for any load-up. We wanna go right now, our fans, and then people adapted to our speed." 

Pharrell added, "Feeling is your GPS, first and foremost."