Whenever Travis Scott attaches his name and brand to a product, it sells out. You all saw what happened with McDonald's this summer. Once Cactus Jack sent his legion of ragers to their local fast-food chains, they began experiencing nationwide shortages, which is absolutely bonkers.

With that said, now that La Flame is narrating the official PS5 trailer, you can expect to wait a few extra weeks after the launch of the next-generation console to be able to purchase it because, if you're not already locked into a pre-order, chances just got even lower that you'll score in the coming weeks.

The brand new trailer for the PS5 gaming console has been released and none other than Travis Scott is narrating it. 

In the video, the rapper speaks about how we all share a common curiosity to get out and learn new things and, while he doesn't outwardly say it, the PlayStation 5 will present even more worlds for us to explore. 

The one-minute clip is the first piece of marketing material that Sony has released since announcing the PS5, and it's sure to drive sales even higher.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This week, reports started breaking that, because of the high demand, the PS5 would not even be available at launch time. You've better get those bots going because that might be the only way to secure one in time for when it goes live.

Which game are you most looking forward to playing?