For weeks, we've been hearing rumblings of a collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald's, marking the fast-food giant's first team-up of this stature with a celebrity in decades. The last time a public figure was given an entire custom meal on the menu was Michael Jordan in 1992.

As of today, Travis' Quarter Pounder meal is available at McD's locations across the nation. If you're planning on stopping by to order one, make sure to say that Cactus Jack sent you. The McDonald's Twitter page is also encouraging people to shout "It's lit!" after ordering, which is causing some ridiculously cringe-worthy videos and memes of teenagers stopping by their local fast food joints to cause a ruckus with the employees.

You've got to be feeling for the minimum-wage workers at McDonald's today who are serving up hundreds of quarter pounders with extra cheese and bacon, fries with tangy BBQ sauce, and Sprite with extra ice. 

Travis was also seen heading to his favorite location, getting mobbed by a group of fans who were also there for the same purpose.

There are a ton of videos going around on Twitter and Instagram, showing people ordering the Travis Scott Meal awkwardly. We've included a few, as well as some general reactions, below.

Are you picking one up or will you skip out on this?