The disturbing news of Pop Smoke's murder has been a tough pill to swallow for hip-hop as a whole, but more specifically for the Brooklyn drill scene. The rising star was one of the characters leading the recent surge and, while he did not create the wave, he popularized it to a whole new audience. Bringing his guttural rhymes to the forefront, Poppy was an anomaly in the game. The visceral nature of his voice, which was extraordinarily deep, connected almost instantly with fans and when he hopped on the long-awaited Cactus Jack compilation tape JACKBOYS, his brand was exposed to a wide range of mainstream music fans. Travis Scott must have spent a decent amount of time in the studio with the star because, after it was announced that the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper had been killed, he posted a video of himself listening to an unreleased collaboration from the two.

Pop Smoke Travis Scott
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

La Flame's distant hums can be heard at the top of the snippet that he played on his Instagram story before the late Pop Smoke jumps on for a verse referencing Christian Dior, Percocet, and a few more of his favorite topics. The song has not been released and, as of now, there have been no announcements that point to it dropping anytime soon.

Pop Smoke was 20-year-old when he passed away. Listen to the song preview below. Rest in peace, Pop.